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What exactly is a jewelry appraisal?

Jewelry appraisal is a systematic process conducted by a professional jewelry appraiser who examines a piece of jewelry, then researches it to arrive at an estimate of its worth. Appraisers consider the materials used, the style of the jewelry, the brand if any, the market for that type of jewelry, and its provenance. There are many reasons why an owner seeks jewelry appraisal services. The most common is to obtain insurance on the item(s) in case of loss or damage to the pieces. But people also may require appraisals on jewelry in order to make equitable property distribution for an estate, divorce, or where liquidation is needed. It’s wise to keep all the paper work on your jewelry and make it available to the appraiser so he or she can verify its paper trail and authenticate you as the true owner. It also makes it more efficient for the appraiser to verify the gemstone and jewelry with what is described on your documents to make sure the gemstone sizes are correct. An appraiser may ask for the receipts for your items to note market pricing at the time of your purchase but they do not use these figures in calculating their valuation of your items.


Diana Jarrett, Certified appraiser

Using an independent jewelry appraiser is often best, because he or she gets paid just to evaluate the jewelry, not to try and make a commission on a sale.

You Rock Gems recommends appraiser Diana Jarrett when you have need for an independent jewelry appraiser. She's been a leading voice in the gemstone and jewelry industry for well over a decade and brings the expert touch to every assignment.

Please contact her directly at (941) 661-9100 –located on the east coast of the US.